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Taking Self out of SWRP...
That's right. I won't be taking part in the SWRP anymore. I started to feeling less stressed out as I left it. It has been fun RPing but I cannot fit into the RP anymore like that odd puzzle piece. I feel out of place being in it as I have been since the last SWRP. I'm sorry for pretty much not telling anyone of this but I feel like I had to keep it to myself. I still will keep the roleplaying moments that were by far the best while forgetting those that weren't so great. I cannot trust anyone in the SWRP circle except for a few people. People like Kirby (my nickname for someone on the gamefaqs messenger board), Quad (another user), and several others are those that I can trust to be consistent. I'm going to be taking the outsider role permanently in all SWRPs (the current one and any further ones). I cannot really tell why but maybe I will resort to telling my reasons as of late.  It will be in a top to bottom order.

1. My Boredom of Star Wars...
It's about my biggest reason. You know I had fun and all but I doubted the fun part of it. This soon grew from the RP that was before the last one. It was prominent in the last RP and then it blossomed into the top reason of why I'm leaving. It isn't as fun anymore. There is nothing much to do. I'm pulling myself from this since I know that I'm bored with it. I don't fit so I'm pulling myself out so the puzzle can be perfect. It's that simple. I found funnier RPs to take a part in. I'm comparing the Star Wars RP to an empty turtle shell. I'm going to be straight forward with this. If you add in inventions then it is just like coloring that empty turtle shell. Add in something else and it is like carving that turtle shell out. You could even have it melted down into something else and it wouldn't be changed. You changed the shape of it but not the spirit of it. You cannot change something to make it fun. It's a simple rule even though it is done. This empty turtle shell has been changed but it will never become fun again even if you try out everything on it. I could make myself try to have fun but it won't happen. I'm way past my innocent years and have become hardened since the age of ten. I may show it that I'm having fun. I do have fun in real life and in the internet life that I have. These are two different lives that I lead. They are different as I created myself a different image that people see when on the internet. I've actually created three different images. They are not all positive. It all comes down to my boredom. I'll still be around the site since I registered again. I'll join the other RPs but I won't join back with the SWRP ever again.

2. Inventions 

I might have gone into the whole "let's do inventing." I found that inventions are boring after awhile. I cannot really say anymore here.
3. Funner RPs

I'm an RP whore first and foremost. I like generally any RP that I can sink my teeth into. It is my second favorite hobby after reading. I have found several RPs that is more fun than the Star Wars RP and they never gets dull. Star Wars is old news and gets dull over time. I enjoyed the Star Wars film but if the Star Wars RP comes up then it is old news. There was that one RP that Dan had going. It was pretty successful. I loved it. It was perfect unlike the Star Wars RP. I played other RPs. There was that mecha RP and then that ARMOR one. They were recreated and then the newer ones died as well. I tried creating a Zoids RP with A4der (it didn't take off). I helped since I had a great extent of knowledge about that show. The latest RPs that I had sunk my teeth into are a Pikmin RP, a Star Wars RP, a Megaman Starforce RP, and one other RP. I'm still creating an RP that will hopefully take off as it will compile elements from several places and put them into a workable mold. I can say that the Star Wars RP was fun for awhile but it did get boring.

4. Taking the Outsider's Role.

This is probably one of the better reasons for leaving. I decided that it was either during this RP or before the next RP. I chose to do it during this RP. If I chose the outsider role then I wouldn't be bothered by Gene and his aggressive nature. I wouldn't have to be bothered by Omega or someone else. I find that Zorko is the only one that I can really talk to. That's not really true as I can talk to Dan. I believe that it is for the best that I'm on the outside...

5. Gene...Genie Gene...Buddies to Not Getting Along Well At All...

I'm taking this off of the account that when both me and Gene joined back in one of the past RPs. I had fun with him. He and I came over from a Pokemon RP with people that I got along with. I eventually left them to join something new. I had gotten bored with the Pokemon RPs so I moved on to the next being thing which was the Star Wars RP with memorable people like A4der, Omega, Onurb, Leard, Dan, and one or two others. I don't really count Gene as being memorable because he was there at around the same time I was (he came to the site first). I became better with him and I had horrible script RPing down like a sore thumb. I felt through all the new SWRPs that I had a great deal of respect for Gene and the fact is that I didn't really see about talking to others other than Gene. This changed as soon as the last RP started. You know that it is ironic that the major RP became the thing that split us apart. Gene doesn't even know it. I didn't know about it. It was then this RP started that we really started to be more “the two who don’t get along well at all with each other” people. There is no way that you can mix in an aggressive RP personality and a recessive RP personality. The final split was the current SWRP. I don't hate Gene. I'll never get along with him as long as I try to be in a Star Wars RP.


I'm sorry to this point but it is all the reasons that I have. I don't want to think of this as a breaking point. I told Zorko that I was having issues that caused me to stress out at the time. I don't have these issues that often so it is true. I find that screen-shots to be deceptive evidence. There is no screen-cam of someone rolling a dice. Screen-shots are worthless evidence and pointless. I can never trust anyone that Gene has on his contact lists. I cannot trust Gene. The only people that I can really trust fully are Zorko, Dan, Onurb, A4der, Leard, and a few others. The ones that I trust even less are Omega (though not much further than the ones that I can really trust) and someone else . Gene is on the very bottom of my scale. He's the least trustworthy in my eyes.


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