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Can't I keep on topic without going onto another topic altogether?

I finally got permanent housing and no longer in a room that has more than one person in it. If I decide to move in then I shall be all set up and ready. I could do games any day of the week. This is just so you all know if I do that then I should be even more open with rolling some dice. On a side note, I'm considering reading the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. I'm giving it some thought and so I'll see about it. I'm also in another RP (but well you don't want to hear about that)...

Geist Character
Note: Incomplete....

Name: Alex
Geist: Stephan
Virtue: Temperance/Vice: Envy
Concept: Animal Trainer
Archetype: Celebrant
Threshold: The Prey
Krew: Blank...
Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 2, Resolve 1, Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 2
Mental: Academics 3, Science 1 (specialty: Biology)
Physical: Athletics (specialty: Throwing) 3, Brawl (Grappling) 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 2
Social: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 3, Expression 1, Persuasion 1, Socialize 1, Streetwise 2
Merits: Fast Reflexes 1, Memento (Death Mask) 4, Danger Sense 2, Keystone Memento (a chewed up bone),
Keys: Primeval and Passion
Flaws: Wants more than he has,
Manifestations: Marionette 3
Stats: Health: 7, Willpower: 3, Psyche: 1, Plasm: 5, Synergy: 7, Size 5, Speed 11, Defense 2, Armor --, Intiative Mod: 6, Experience: ???

Armor: Modern Reinforced/thick clothing (Rating: 1/0, Strength 1, Defense 0, Speed 0, Cost: n/a)
Weapons: Club (Damage: 2 (B), Size: 2, Cost: n/a),
Misc: Flashlight

Note: I think that's how it is done.


Got all the dice that I ordered except for in the colors that I ordered them (for the most part...most problems was with rpgshop.com which their idea of a mystery swag was two d6s (one blue and one yellow))....

Here's my numbers:


Yeah and I got them much cheaper at Amazon.com as well.

Colors: Pretty much assorted colors...

Got myself a bag to hold a hundred or so of them...

I have a big box to throw them in and so that's good. No fluffy surfaces that deaden sound....

I'm pretty much all set.

3DS And Other News....
I got the 3DS about 10 days ago and it's pretty neat. I'm still trying to get adjusted to the 3D aspect of it. It's still has a great feel to it. The controls work great and are placed in a position that maximizes usefulness. I got other things with it but the top one was the remake of one of the N64 games. I'm all prepped for the ambassador program which I got into before the price drop. So yeah....

I've been playing a game on Kongregate called Tyrant (a combat game that uses cards) after I activated a code from Gamestop. I completed the first task of getting to level 5. The next one is getting to level 10 (as in getting enough experience to do that). There's a chance that I might be able to win something. I already know that I won't win. I'm unlucky in that respect unless absolutely no one else is doing it...

I have a paypal account now since I have my very own bank accout which I can use. Yay! After doing a little spending, then I do some spending online...

Not that it would amount to anything except some dice...

Legend of the Five Rings (Testing Process and Frustration)
I have gone into great lengths to try and figure this all out after meticulously picking out things from the first half of the .pdf. There was a lot to read and skim over. I had several clans and families that seemed interesting and it was hard just getting rid of them. I hated getting rid of some of the choices that I could do. I was actually just trying to figure out what I wanted from a character.

So here it goes:

Name: Bayushi Sanjiro
Clan: Scorpian Clan
Family: The Bayushi Family (+1 to Agility)
School: Bayushi Bushi School (+1 to Intelligence) 

Air: 2Earth: 2Fire: 3Water: 2Void: 2
Ref: 3Stamina: 2Agility: 3Perception: 2-------
Awareness: 2Willpower: 2Intelligence: 3Strength: 2-------

Honor: 1.8

Glory: 1

Status: 1

Insight/Insight Rank: 124 (insight = sum of rings (remember the stat of the ring is equal to the lowest trait within that ring (The Void ring doesn't have any traits associated with it and it starts out with two)) x 10 + (sum of all skill ranks)

See Insight table to determine rank...

Advantages: Ambidexterous, Dangerous Beauty, Clear Thinker,
Quick, Precise Memory, Wealth (4 Points), Quick Healer, and...

Disadvantages: Compulsion (3 points, has a growing need to visit places connected to his family), Sworn Enemy (2 points), Obligation (2 points), and...

School Rank:  1 (I think this is right)

Heritage (decided to try this out with virtual dice and got this): Distinguished Ancestor/Glorious Death/Yojimbo (this gave me three honor points and 2 ranks in the defense skill)

Skills:  Courtier 1 (Political Maneuvering), Defense 3, Etiquette 1, Iaijutsu 3, Kenjutsu 3 (Katana), Kyujutsu 1, Calligraphy 1, Athletics 1, and Deception 1 ...

Kata: Figuring this one out....

Outfit: Katana, Wakizashi, Hankyu and 20 arrows (willow leaf) (this originally said bow and arrow (any type)),
No-Daishi, light armor;
kimono and sandals, traveling pack; 11 koku (4 gotten from wealth advantage/started out with 7)

Information on my character:

He was born into the Bayushi family and grew living the lifestyle avaiable to him. When he was the right age he was sent to the Bayushi Bushi School where he learned several skills (Courtier, Defense, Etiquette, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Calligraphy, Athletics) . He stood out a little from some of the other students of their teacher (sensei) but not by much. He even learned Calligraphy there and was required to do so by his family. He sees Bushido as merely a set of guidelines which he has to adhere to for part of the time and if it doesn't suit the situation then he doesn't apply it. This opinion of his on Bushido is changing as he is rethinking about his opinion. He doesn't dislike his clan's ways of doing things or motives. He aims for being the head of his family and hopefully the head of his clan. He has major ambition driving him and he is hard to convince not to visit a place that holds significance for his family. He has a hard time controlling this. He has trained with both hands and so he typically likes using both hands to scare up his opponents. He likes using the katana as his weapon of choice but he will rely on other blades and a bow to surprise the opponent. He wants to become much faster with the blade and become one of the fastest blade wielders in the empire. He trains on his own consistently in Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu. He is also somewhat good at his defense skill. He is not married but he hopes to eventually marry a women in the Imperial family that he has his eye on. He is very much like most of the scorpian clan with having pale and thin skin. He has regal and delicate features. He also wears a mask for most of the time and doesn't like to part with it. He is quite handsome to those of the opposite sex and will use that to his advantage. He isn't above blackmailing others but he will try to avoid doing it.

Note: This is just a draft of my character...as I'm figuring things out. I'll probably need someone to look it over. It's a very confusing system except for the dice rolls...

You keep some and you roll some...

You add the numbers gotten from all dice together to get the sum. Check the target number and if it is above that then...

You pass...

I really like the system used in this game.

Note: I'm probably going to either order some dice or head to the store in Tacoma that sells them. Not that I would go out of my way to do so...


Legend of the Five Rings:

- The System (even when it looks complicated)
- All the choices that there can be to personalized a character.
- Choice of being a ninja samurai (which is sorta weird)
- Quick Draw Duels

-  All the choices that there are to pick from
- Some families' bonuses didn't seem to make much sense when compared with the information on them.

Character Creation (Hákon and More...!)

I will just get out the information that I have on hand right now.

Note: I have the character sheet done but I won't be showing it here.

Information on My Character:

Name: Hákon Erickson
Calling: Master Assassin
Nature: Trickster
Pantheon: The Aesir
God: Loki
EXP: 0 (spent on Epic Wits)

Primary: Mental (8/8)
Secondary: Social (6/6)
Tertiary: Physical (4/4)

Strength: 1Charisma: 4Perception: 4
Dexterity: 3Manipulation: 4Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 3Appearance: 1Wits: 3

- (Scent the Divine) (Added because storyteller wanted us to add it)

Abilities (30/30):

Academics:Craft (): 0Melee: 0
Animal Ken: 1Craft (): 0Occult: 3
Art (): 0Craft (): 0Politics: 1
Art (): 0Empathy: 3Presence: 0
Athletics: 3Fortitude: 0Science (): 0
Awareness: 2Integrity: 0Science (): 0
Brawl: 1Investigation: 0Science (): 0
Command: 0Larceny: 3Stealth: 3
Control (Motorcycle): 3Marksmanship: 3Survival: 1
Control (): 0Medicine: 0Thrown: 3


Reginnaglar (on a  regular necklace) (Grants Fire Purview)1
Reginnaglar (on a  regular necklace) (Grants Chaos Purview)1
Reginnaglar (on a  regular necklace) (Grants Illusion Purview)1
Reginnaglar (on a  regular necklace) (Grants Magic Purview)1
Relic (Fenrir Fang Necklace) (Grants Animal (Raven) Purview and War Purview) 2
Creature (Giant Raven) 2

Animal (Raven)WarChaosIllusion

Actual Boons:

Fire Purview Boons
Fire Immunity (1 dot): 

Dice Pool: None
Cost: None

Takes no damage from fire. Doesn't have to worry about inhaling smoke.
The most intense heat is a comforting warmth to him. Doesn't apply to what is on him except for the birthright relic that allows him to channel the boon...

Chaos Purview Boons
Hornet's Nest (2 dots):

Dice Pool (6): Intelligence + Awareness
Cost: None

Illusion Purview Boons
Animal (Raven) Purview Boons
War Purview Boons
Magic Purview Boons (Magic: 3)
The Unlidded Eye (one dot):

Dice Pool (7): Perception + Occult
Cost: 1 Willpower
Traitor's Toast (1 dot): 

Dice Pool (3): Wits + Art
Cost: 1 Legend, 1 lethal health level

Willpower: 7

Dodge DV: 5
Parry DV: 4
Join Battle: 5

B: 3 (5 with bulletproof vest)
L: 2 (4 with bulletproof vest)
A: 0

Armor and Weapons:

Bulletproof vest stats:

(Soak: +2B/+2L; Mobility Penalty: 0; Fatigue: 1; Tags: B)


Glock (4 SPD/+1 ACC/+3L DMG/0 Def/20 Range)
Darts (6 SPD/-1 ACC/+1L DMG/0 Def/10 Range)

Note: Darts are covered with Batrachotoxin (--- (Tolerance); 8L/Action (Damage); 4 (Toxity); -4 (Penalty))  




Move: 3
Dash: 9
Jump: 4

Legend: 4
Legend Points: (15/16)

Epic Attributes and Knacks (plus dots):

Epic Intelligence2
- Perfect Memory

- Know-it-All

Epic Manipulation 2
- God's Honest

- Takes One to Know One

 Epic Wits 1
 - Adaptive Fighting 


Hakon Erickson was the child of Loki and some unknown female. Loki knocked up some female and then left her. She was told to basically raise the child on her own. Hakon lived an almost dull life with his mom being drunk for most of the time. Hakon got a giant Raven during this time named Huginn though the giant raven disappeared for most of the year doing who knows what. It appeared from time to time but never staying for more than a few days. All it did during this time was stare at him. Hakon had never met any creature like this and it seemed like it wanted to say something but he couldn't understand it at all. It also seemed like there was someone else staring at him through the eyes of the raven.  

He was finally kicked out of the house by his mom’s new boyfriend when he was at the age of 15. He roamed around until he was adopted again by a single mom. He was taught by his adoptive foster mom to be an assassin. She did so because she wanted a successor to her work. This adoptive parent was pretty snarky and rarely cared if Hakon got hurt during any training that he underwent. The foster parent didn’t even care if he got sick or take care of him. He was just supposed to live his life through everything. She put him through hell and back in the training. Some days he was so bruised that he couldn't move but he just had to continue onward without rest. He was given some free days during the year. These "free days" came after a successful mission or it was back to more torturous training. It was during on one of his free days after causing a bunch of ruckus (primarily stirring up people into fighting each other through careful manipulation and then setting a few buildings on fire) and killing a few targets of his in a quaint little town. Huginn, his raven, settled down in front of him and it was then that he had his visitation from his parent. The visitation mostly was of his divine parent speaking to him through the raven in some sort of dream.


Appearance: He is pretty dull in appearance and has blue eyes and blond hair. Light skinned. Average height and lean. He is more athletic but this is hardly noticeable and so he can surprise people. He wears clothes suitable to the occasion that he is to take out his targets and make so that he cannot be noticed too much. He pretty much looks normal in situations that he is supposed to be in. Age: 27


Creature (following the template for bird (raptor) as I started with a one dot birthright before upgrading it with one bonus point):

Note: I'm having problems with upgrading the creature from something that would be a one dot to something that would be a two dot...


Name: Huginn

Note: Huginn was the name that Hákon gave to the raven. Loki was the actual one to name the raven first. Huginn was the name that he picked for the raven.

One dot creature birthright (upgraded to two dot creature birthright at character creation):

Type: Giant Raven (a larger version of a raven):

Str: 3
Dex: 2
Sta: 4
Cha: 0
Man: 0
App: 4
Perc: 3
Int: 3
Wits: 3

Virtues:  ?????????????????/None

Athletics: 3
Awareness: 3
Brawl: 1
Integrity: 3
Presence: 2
Fortitude: 2
Stealth: 3

Supernatural Powers: None/???????????

Willpower: 6
Dodge DV: 2
Join Battle: 7

Bite: Accuracy 5, Damage 5L, Parry DV -, Speed 5
Talon: Accuracy 7, Damage 6L, Parry DV -, Speed 5
Soak: 2L/4B

Health Levels: 
Dodge DV: 2

Legend: ???
Legend Points: ???

Note: No real information in the Scion .pdfs that I have on "creating" a birthright creature. It's entirely void and empty. The only "creation" subjects that I could find on birthright creatures were fan-made ones. They were entirely confusing since I sort of wanted to start from a template first.

Other Notes:

Followers and Guides: None


Patron, Enemy, and AGI
Okay...just getting to this....

Patron (for Narim):
The patron that Narim was born planetside (before the Fall) and after that left to pursue his dreams of being a botanist. He met with Narim and bailed him out. Narim is pretty much in debt to him. This patron is Dr. Alfred Stevens. He's a wandering botanist but he has expanded his research into other fields and is currently living on a ship since it's his way of getting around the place to study up on things. He's not all that helpful but he has a great bit of recognition amongst the science community. The things that he can help with is identify chemicals and certain life forms....


Enemy (Nataru): 

He was born sometime just before the Fall occurred and has been around the place. He joined the Shui Fong triad group. He is one of the higher-ups. He where he operates his illegal pit fits whenever he can get away with it. He does operate on the gambling tournaments. Nataru messed with his operations when Nataru had the same job and in the same area. He has since then tracked Nataru down. He does have a great amount of hate towards "The Lost" and plans to exterminate every last one of them. He has a variety of contacts to use. He doesn't strike unless it is the most opportune moment to do so or unless he can separate his target from the rest of the pack. He also acts as sort of an enforcer for the Shui Fong group and knowing that Nataru is affiliated with the 14K, that's even more reason to kill Nataru.


AGI Background: 

Fox was once a part of the Titanian Commonwealth but has escaped there for reasons that it was not willing to tell anyone. It wandered across from point to point that it could jump to and from but it seemed to be pretty scared of whatever it escaped from would find it. It found its way onto a being's simulspace. It came from here to Narim's empty Ghostrider module when Narim met it in the Simulspace that it took to hiding in. It had taken the shape of a fox and had no name for itself or at least one that it hadn't told anyone else. It wasn't going to reveal itself to anyone unless it had to. It seemly wasn't very good with anything else but it had a few complications back at the Commonwealth (aka Cyberdemocracy) and when it messed with a few AI codes though it didn't stay around to find out what it did. It is too frightened as if something is chasing it. It won't speak much and if it does then it will speak to someone only if anyone else cannot hear it. It likes to mess about with things and would be willing to help someone else if they're not going to shoot it first. It has some deeper goals that it doesn't share. It seems that it wants vengeance on someone and that it wants equal rights for all AIs. It only aims for survival of itself and no other being. It will jump around to different places where it could hide away and survive. 


Backing Up! (Histories of Interest)
I planned on only doing one entry but I feel active enough to do both despite being sick. So here it goes....

The history of both of my characters are going up...

Rough histories...

I 'm still


Nataru Seda was one of the subjects in the Futura Project. He was one of the rare ones as he was culled from extant genetic material from his genetic birth mother. He grew up quickly as per the standards of the Project. He was infected like every other subject. He escaped from the Legacy research station though he didn't have anything to do with the habitat's environmental failures. He seemed to be saner than the other subjects and was quickly finding himself out there in the stars and becoming something more than a cretin that exists in the back alleys and occasionally sneaking on board to hitch rides to different places. It was during one of these “sneaking on board” that he was caught by one of the guards when he was sleeping. He was fortunate enough that this wasn’t some ordinary ship and was run by pirates. He was brought before the head of the ship and was put into service as they found him to be a bit more of use. It was only two months before he left them again and found himself on a planet inhabited by transhumanity. He was scorned by those who saw him as no more than some freak as he related from where he came from.

He eventually ran into one of the unknown Triad groups that were only active on the planet that he was on. He worked for them and then moved on to one of the larger groups. It was soon after that he quickly became a freelancer criminal working for whoever paid him to do the job. He was adopted by a person who he now considers his father figure. His adoptive father was a part of the Galaxy Entertainment Group and high up there. It was during this time with his adoptive father that he learned about the other job that his father led and quickly learned that his father was involved in the loan sharking. Yet, his adoptive father seemed to never actually get caught. His father died and his cortical stack was destroyed by the dead switch implant so that he couldn't be sold into slavery by some other criminal faction. The incident happened while Nataru was away at the time. 

Nataru’s adoptive family and more precisely the son of his adoptive father accepted him truly into their family after a little convincing from him. The son’s name is Seth Seda*.  They accepted him as who he was. Nataru was treated kindly by the son despite any social stigma that he had from being one of “The Lost”. He eventually left again to return to his freelancer ways again as he found better enjoyment with trying his hand at different illegal operations and not sticking to one of the Triad groups. He had to of course use different fake IDs and faces to work for some Triad groups (like when working for one Triad group and then working for a Triad group that has a rivalry with the one that he had just worked for).

*: A man who only uses the cover of being an Galaxy Entertainment Group employee while being very important to the 14K group being one of the higher ups and is secretly trying to become the head of this Triad group. Nataru owes a few favors to him. He and Nataru are pretty much like brothers.


Recent stuff with Nataru while the Gatecrashing adventure was going on:

Nataru got into a bit of trouble when his current job got him into a conflict facing off against a few people aiming to do the same job that he was. He learned that they were working Night Cartel after he finished his job. He was nearly to what he called home when he was attacked by someone. Nataru fought off the attacker and getting a close look at the face of his attacker before the attacker ran off. Nataru didn’t know who the attacker was but he knew that there was something off about this. He was attacked several other times and he could have angered someone from one of the other.

I added the Enemy Negative Trait for this last part. I'm going to need that whole thing worked out before the next session. This person that he angered knows where Nataru is located. Yeah, he's being spied on.


Narim Matthews

Narim lived his childhood years in a ship roaming the wide vastness of space occasionally docking here and there. He lived mostly with a bunch of researchers. He found himself growing bored with the life that he was leading and left the ship and quickly hitching a ride on a pirate ship though storing himself away in the cargo area was not the smartest move that he could make. He eventually got off and went off to pursue what interested him. He learned how to pilot a Spacecraft and Exoskeleton without very many problems but not the best at what he does. He learned quickly that he liked using seeker weapons and guns on vehicles and ships of various sorts and sort of fell into bad company with these skills with a group of pirates.  He didn’t know that he was working with pirates as he helped operate the ship’s weapons. He eventually got off the ship on a planet and disappeared for a few years when he found out that he had been working with pirates. He reappeared on the scene as he was working with a scientist. He was in debt to the scientist.


The scientist had made Narim as his assistant as to make him work off the debt. This bargain was a little unfair as Narim wouldn’t really get any credit for any of his findings until he could work on his own terms. He became a traveling scientist in order to help pay his debts for one reason or another. It was during one of these trips that he found a man dressed in very thrifty clothes breaking out of a building with some sort of items. The man saw Narim and quickly knocked him out before dragging him off. It was unknown to Narim but his memory had at the time had been tampered with and so he wouldn’t remember anything about the event that occurred and instead would remember that he was doing something else. He also found out that he was inside some sort of device and talking with some strange person. He couldn’t move any limbs and realized that he wasn’t in his morph anymore.


Note: I'll edit these when I get the chance but I'm putting these up for now for what I have done so far....


Reporting for Mess-ups!
I'm sure that everyone makes at least one mistake during their life and I don't know whether it was because of some misreading or something else but well I made several glaring mess-ups during the whole character creation process. There's something that I noticed on the character sheets but aren't always talked about in detail in the actual text within the PDF that I'm reading from. It's all from Eclipse Phase. The character sheet had this one thing where it basically listed the skill then the linked aptitude but here's what I messed up on. The linked aptitude is also the base for the skill.

I think the basic formula for this whole thing (based on what I've looked at): 

Base (whatever the number is that your character has for that aptitude, starts at this amount) + Morph (what bonuses it gives to that aptitude) + Points put in (CP or RP) + Specializations/Other Bonuses...

Based on how I did things...

Well let's just say that I exceeded the total CP by at least fifty....

I'm currently working on correcting everything within an Eclipse Phase Character Sheet (in Microsoft Excel format) that I downloaded from eclipsephase.com. It's a fan-creation that someone else did. It does irk me a little bit but it's not as bothersome as other things like the Eclipse Phase actual character sheet. Darn thing is freaking annoying when you're trying to do it on the computer. I could print it out but that's going to take time and I'm not going to waste any time on that. The whole that I downloaded is pretty good but it doesn't cover everything and so someone always as to "figure things out" for themselves.


Next some rough-versions of my character's Backgrounds...

And a somewhat rough-version of a summary of Nataru's actions while everyone else in the party went to do Gatecrashing...

Recent stuff...
I've gotten back into playing Goldeneye 007 for the Wii. I'm now doing the harder difficulties and some points in the game are just plain difficult even on the easy difficulties. I'm so far at the death count of 12 plus. I'm not really sure on how difficult the game gets on the much harder difficulties but I think the whole healing factor decreases the difficulty by several factors. Other than that...

I'm really bored as in scrapping the walls bored...

If someone needs to connect me into some group or function at a certain time then please make sure to tell me ahead of time for all the dates...

It's just so people don't go trying to contact me when I'm not going to reconnect my laptop to the adapter connected to the wall and it's low on power because you won't get me to reconnect the power just for something that ain't a number one priority to me. My number one priority is College.

That's all...

Edit: I may be adding more stuff to this post...


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