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Grand Master Mal's Cult

Note: Unnamed for now....

The unnnamed cult was created last thirty years by Grand Master Mal. Mal wanted to find a way to help others but at the time couldn't do much. He wanted to contact the dead for others and so that the dead could provide needed guidance for the living. He eventually found that he could expand on this notion. He formed a cult as he convinced five to join. It was small at first but as the summonings and guidance grew to be popular. Others soon joined. They eventually changed from merely doing guidance to acting out in ways that could help out others in the end.  Their actions may be bad or even be good but they all want to make a positive impact on others around them. They have been cast as weirdoes by people who don't understand them. They have also been cast as being harmful due to misconceived notions. Yet, they press on with their work even if it means being seen as bad or evil. 

They have thirty known members who are completely in for their cause. There are other members who just come and go as they please. They are still pretty small. They only have about fifty members in total, though they are spread out, and all that. They are located in California. 


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