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Boris's Plan
1) Getting rid of any danger that his family faces in Russia.
2) Getting rid of Yuri and taking charge of the Russian Mafia
3) Take out anyone who is entirely loyal to Yuri.
4) Set things right.



1) Talk to Adam and Feng and discuss with them a little of the details about what he wants to do.
A) If they agree then he'll tell them the rest.
B) If they disagree then he'll patiently try to explain to them about why they should help him.
2a) Once, he gets their help then he will talk to Feng about having him being the one to go to the place where the Russian Mafia is at (after telling him exactly where it is) and knocking all of them out but only when a few of the guys have been drawn out. He will also tell him to keep the guys busy but not killing any of them. Boris will say that he, himself, will put on an act of defending the Russian Mafia Boss Yuri from Feng. He'll have Feng knock him over to the side but still quite conscious and able to do what he needs to do.
2b) He will talk to Adam to see if Adam knows anyone who might be close to Russia at the time and use those people to free his family. Dead or alive for the Russian Mafia mobsters over there. He will then talk to Adam about being there by Vera's side. He'll tell them bluntly that he will use Vera as bait to draw a few mobsters out so that the job would be easier. He will tell both Adam and Feng that Yuri has to die if he will ever be free to make his own choices.
2c) He tells both of them to not tell Vera about this.
3a) He'll head back to the place where the Mafia stays at and tells them that Vera attacked him and got rid of his arms. Also, spread the lie that she brought the cops.
3b) If it works then great. If it doesn't then he will try harder. He would also tell them about Vera's powers or what he seen or felt from them. Nothing more since he hardly knows about her powers.
3c) He'll head out with the mob that would be sent out. And along the way, he'll slip away and disappear to somewhere safe in Liberty City while keeping in close contact with Feng and Adam. He'll use a disposable cell phone for this.
4a) Once, he hears that the gang attacks or is spotted then he'll have Feng go in and do his part. Keeping the guys busy.
4b) Boris will wait for the signal that his family has been set free before acting. Once, he hears that they're safe then he will reveal himself and enter into the building. He will put on the act of doing so and then when Feng knocks him
4c) He will use this to pull out his gun and point at Feng and then quickly point it at Yuri and fire the gun off to kill his boss. Making sure to not miss.
4d) Boris will tell the others that the job is done. He'll set himself up as the head of the Russian Mafia and having his family sent off so that he can put them somewhere safe.


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