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Brian "Danny" Faust (Eclipse Phase)
Sense Filter: Hearing, Sight, and Smell.

Computer Programmer

Name: Brian “Danny” Faust
Age (Ego/Morph): 25/25
Gender (Ego and Morph disguised as): Male
Background: Lunar Colonist
Faction: Titanian
Morph: Savant
Muse: Tam
Armor: 14/15 (17/16) (Armor: Savant armor rating, armored clothing, full helmet, smart skin)
Stats: 35 COG (40 COG (temp))|15 COO |25 INT (30 temp) |15 REF|15 SAV|20 SOM|20 WIL
Aptitude Max: 30 (40 for COG and INT)
Native Language (English): 90
Moxie: 4
Dur: 55| DR: 110| WT: 13|Luc: 40| IR: 80|TT: 7|INIT: 11| DB: 2|Speed: 1
Positive Traits:
- Situational Awareness (Ego) (No Distraction penalties)
- Innocuous (Morph: -10 to all checks to spot, describe or remember)
Negative Traits:
- Edited Memories (EGO: Memories have been edited)
- Combat Paralysis (EGO: Must make a Willpower test whenever there is violence)
- Social Stigma (Morph: Clanking Masses, morph had this at start)

CR: 1750
Rep: 80 @-rep | 70 c-rep

Active Skills:
Beam Weapons (COO): 50
Climbing: 20 (50 with grip pads)
Clubs (SOM): 45
Deception (SAV): 15 (45 with emotional dampers)
Disguise (INT): 25 (55/60 (5 temp))
Fray (REF): 50
Free fall (REF): 40
Freerunning (SOM): 40 (45)
Gunnery (INT): 40 (45 temp)
Hardware (COG) (Electronics): 70 (20 (10 temp))
Hardware (COG) (Robotics): 70 (10 (10 temp))
Impersonation (SAV): 15 (45 with emotional dampers)
Infiltration (COO): 15 (35 with smart clothing/25 if not taking care)
Infosec (COG): 70 (80 (5 temp))
Interfacing (COG): 80 (10)
Investigation (INT): 25 (35/40 (5 temp))
Kinesics (SAV): 15 (35 with certain tests)
Networking (SAV) (Hypercorps): 50 (20)
Networking (SAV) (Autonomist): 50 (20)
Perception (INT): 40 (60 under certain conditions)
Persuasion (SAV): 15
Pilot (Groundcraft) (REF): 30
Protocol (SAV): 60
Programming (COG): 80 (10)
Research (COG): 60 (70 (10 temp))
Swimming (SOM): 30 (35)
Kinesics (SAV): 40 (Kinesics software has this)

300 points for knowledge skills

Academics (Computer Science): 60
Academics (Cryptography): 60
Interests (Cultural Mems): 60
Interests: (Cultural Trends): 70
Interests (Hacker Mesh Forums): 60
Interests (Infolife): 50
Profession (Computer Security): 60
Profession (Culture Jamming): 60
Profession (Information Brokerage): 70

Basic Implants: Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain
- Enhanced Senses: Echolocation, Enhanced Hearing (+ 20 perception), Enhanced Smell (+20 to smell related perception tests and + 20 to kinesics tests), Enhanced Vision (+ 20 perception), Direction Sense (retrace steps), Electrical Sense (+ 10 to handle electrical equipment), Anti-Glare (no penalties from glare), Radiation Sense (can detect dangerous sources radiation), and T-Ray Emitter
- Mental Augmentations: Access Jacks, Eidetic Memory, Hyper Linguist (1/3 new lang learn/understand new lang/1 day immersion/+10 test translate unknown language), Math Boost (+30 to math related tests), Mnemonic Augmentation, Parallel Processor (provides +5 cog for each user/lower TT by 1, requires Mental Speed), Dead Switch (destroys Cortical Stack), and Mental Speed (+3 initiative and +2 complex actions (used on mental actions)
- Physical Augmentations: Eelware (works like shock gloves, can be used to power small devices), Emotional Dampers (+30 to deception and impersonation tests, but – 10 to all social rolls (when on)), Grip Pads (+30 to climbing), Life Recorder, Memory Lock, Cybernetic Hand Laser (weapon), Hardened Skeleton (+5 DUR + 5 SOM), Drug Gland (Klar) (+5 INT temporary), and Drug Gland (Drive) (+5 COG temporary)
- Nanoware: Nanophages (Immunity to Nanodrugs and Nanotoxins), Oracles (negates penalties to perception for distraction, +10 to investigation, +30 to memory related tests), Skinflex (+30 to disguise tests), Wrist-Mounted Tools (+20 to tests like lock-picking, repairing, or first ad) and Medichines (ignores one wound), increases healing rate, and reduces effects of conventional drugs, toxins, or diseases (halves effect))
Extra: Ghostrider module

Robotic Enhancements:
- Physical Modifications: Hidden Compartment, Shape Adjusting, Structural Enhancement (Dur by 10 and WT by 2), Synthetic Mask (-30 to detect mask), Radiation Shielding (adds a layer of shielding against electromagnetic and ionizing radiaton), Radar Absorbent (-20 to detect the shell with T-Rays or Radar), and Cryonic Protection (allows synthmorphs to function in coldest possible temperatures)
- Senses: Lidar (adds lidar system) and 360 degree vision (grants 360 degree of vision)
- Movement: Walker (4/20

Carried Gear:
- Equipment: 2 x Fiberoptic Cables, Minature Radio Farcaster, Chameleon Cloak, Covert Operations Tool, Dazzler (small device which inflicts blindness on all targets with line-of-sight within 200 meters), Quantum Computer, White noise machine (prevents conversations within the immediate area from being overheard or recorded), Lens Spotter (detects camera lenses in an area), Micrograv shoes (walk in Zero-G environment), smart vac clothing (+20 infiltration test/+10 if not taking care, shields against temperature (can only become light vacsuit which has 2/4 armor rating), Electronics Tool Kit, Utilitool (+10 to tasks like repairing, opening locks or performing first aid), and Fractal gloves (act like fractal digits and has minicameras with nanoscopic vision to see what you’re manipulating)
- Club Weapons: Shock Baton (1d10+2+DB+Shock)
- Beam Weapons: Cybernetic Hand Laser (2d10, SA, Ammo 50) Microwave Agonizer (Pain/2d10 | 100/50 (Ammo)| 0 AP/-5 AP |SS/SS):

Services: Anonymous Account and Backup (single)
Software Programs: Exploit, Sniffer, Spoof, and Kinesics Software, AR Illusions

Socialism: +
Techno-Progressivism: +
Vengeance: -


Splicer (Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Max Aptitude 25,
Durability 30, Wound Threshold 6, +5 to one Aptitude (COG), CP Cost 10, High)
Extra stuff for the Splicer: Ghostrider Module, Puppet Sock, Electrical Sense, Wrist Mounted Tools

Carried Gear: Robotics Tool Kit

Technician AI (Skills: Hardware: Electronics 40, Hardware: Industrial 40, Hardware: Robotics 40, Infosec 20, Interfacing 40, Research 20, Perception 20, Profession: Habitat Ops 60)

Synth (Enhancements: Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Access Jacks, Cyberbrain,
Mnemonic Augmentation, Walker (4/20) , Max Aptitude 30, Durability 40, Wound Threshold
8, +5 SOM, +5 to one aptitude of your choice (COG), Armor 16/16, Social Stigma (Clanking Masses),
Uncanny Valley, CP Cost 30, High)
Extra stuff for the Synth: Ghostrider Module, Fractal Digits, Cryonic Protection, Nanoscopic Vision, 360 degree vision, Electrical Sense, Industrial Armor,

Has: Technician AI (Skills: Hardware: Electronics 40, Hardware: Industrial 40, Hardware: Robotics 40, Infosec 20, Interfacing 40, Research 20, Perception 20, Profession: Habitat Ops 60)

Brian “Danny” Faust was born in a middle class family in a Lunar Colony. His full name is Brian At the age of 10, he had a ring-side seat to the fall. He didn’t really understand it at first and his family apparently had plans to go down there to visit other family down there. He couldn’t do that anymore but didn’t really think much about that, though disappointed that he couldn’t visit his uncle, and learn from his uncle. His parents were being very quiet after that about his uncle. He was at school when he accidentally read an article about some portion not making it out. He did something and found himself looking at a list. His uncle and his uncle’s family were among the deceased. He was shocked as his parents had told him a lie all this time. They said that they were still alive somewhere. He didn’t come out to speak to them about it but he held some distaste for them keeping it quiet. Brian went into college at the usual age. He studied in computer science and cryptography and worked on computer programming. This college was on Titan. He learned a lot about the culture there, got connected to other hackers, and through them, the hacker mesh forums. He also got connected to the socialist group and became slightly a part of the life there. Brian was a genius with the subject matter. He started working at a company that did buy and sells info. He helps with the computer security protocols there. And make it there; he worked secretly under the name of, “Screaming Rebel” to work in hacks and other stuff. He sells out info that would be beneficial to his clientele. At some point, he got so good with his hacking skills; he got into some classified and protected information that he wasn’t supposed to see. There were video clips in there about certain projects and things that a government doesn’t want people to know about. He tried getting into an higher secured file within that protected file and tripped a security protocol. Those who ran the database found him, took him away, and edited his memories. This was both bad and good for him. He could have been set for life if he sold that info. And yet, he would have been scarred for life if he checked more into the info. He was put under watch for a few months, after thinking he was a high risk, and was egocasted into a Savant morph which was his current destination and they gave him some money to get off on his own. They keep his original body. He later on purchased two other morphs along with AI to help repair his body whenever needed. He went back to his regular life, not knowing what he discovered, and had done this ever since. Nicknames: Screaming Rebel and Danny Actual Full Name: Brian Alfons Faust


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