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Can't I keep on topic without going onto another topic altogether?

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So much for whoever reads this since it is pretty much what I call it, rants with have absolutely no direction to them, and because I can do them as that's part of my freedom. I'll probably have to edit this later but who cares.

I've so far fallen short of actually getting a roleplaying site up and running. It is mostly because of my own shortcomings and other factors that play a role. Here are some tips that I found from the internet of which I probably will never try:

1) Get your friends or family involved (like that is ever going to happen). This is most likely all for the "gathering a core base".
2) Advertise (been doing this) and affiliate (so many restrictions). I pretty much suck at advertising something. It's not my forte so to speak. I just have to get better at it. I tried copying a format of what someone else did but it hardly worked.
3) Remember to be there at the site when others look into it. My biggest fault is that I'm not there watching things.

I know it is hard to actually run a site/forum devoted to RPing but I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. The best option is to keep pressing on and hopefully find people who might like the RP that I'm doing.



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