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Wild Talents Character: Boris Järvinen
Name: Boris Järvinen
Other Cover Name: "Arctic Fox" or "Janus"
Age: 25
Height: Tall
Weight: Average....
Stats and Skills:
Body 2d + 4 Hyper Die
- Athletics 3d
- Brawling 1d
- Endurance 3d
- Melee Weapon (Knife) 2d
Coordination 5d + Hyper 1d/2hd
- Agility 1d
- Driving (Cars) 2d
- Driving (Helicopter) 2d
- Ranged Weapon (Rifle) 5d
- Ranged Weapon (Pistol) 2d
- Stealth 5d
Sense 5d + Hyper 3d/1wd
- Empathy 1d
- Perception 5d
- Scrutiny 2d
Mind 2d
- First Aid 1d
- Security Systems 2d
- Tactics 4d
- Knowledge (Crime) 1d
- Language (English) 5d
- Streetwise 3d
- Navigation 1d
Charm 2d
- Lie 3d
Command 4d
- Interrogation 2d
- Intimidation 3d
- Stability 2d
- Leadership 5d
- Occupation (Hitman) 4d
- Occupation (Mob Boss) 1d
- Contacts (Huntsman) 1d
Source: Cyborg
Permission: Power Theme
Intrinsic: None
Large Knife: Width in K
Pistol: Width in SK
Base Will: 6
Willpower: 10
XP Gained: 125
XP Spent: 124
XP Left: 1
Loyalties: 6
- Getting his objective done: 1
- Marksmanship 2
- Finding new weapons: 2
- Racing: 1
Robotic Arms: HAR 1
Fleshy Legs: N/A
Fleshy other parts: N/A

Support: 6d
1 XP - Doing actions that takes off pressure from his family/doing actions that brings pressure to his family
3 XP - Doing actions that spares his family from harm/actions that bring family to harm
5 XP - Does some action that spares one of his family's life/action done that has one of his family killed off
10 XP - Does some action that frees his family/Brings his family back into or further puts them under the Mafia's control.

Honorable Fights
1 XP - Respecting his opponent/disrespecting his opponent.
3 XP - Respecting his promise even if the opponent does not for an honorable fight/Break his promise....
5 XP - Fighting on his own against the odds if he swore to do so/allowing others to help him out and break the swear (aka making him less than honorable)
10 XP - Giving his opponent an honorable death if he swore to do so/ Leaving an opponent to die of a dishonorable death and break the swear.

WIP: Janus - Two-faced Schemer

1 XP - Selling out comrades to a friends.
3 XP -
5 XP -
10 XP -


Boris's Timeline:
- Born in St. Petersberg to a Finnish Family.
- Went to school but never really learned anything.
- His family were put into debt and the only way out was through the mob. He was given to the mob as collateral (to make sure that his family paid money).
- He was introduced to mob life. He didn't like at first being the goody-two-shoes that he was back then...
- He officially joined the mob under the threat of his family being killed if he didn't. They had found out that he was exceptional with a sniper rifle and a pistol.
- He was given the superhuman drugs to make him even more perfect to carry out his role.
- He officially became a hitman for the mob and a private contract one.
- He was sent around Russia to do various jobs and be the "persuasive tool" to get people to pay to the Russia Mafia.
- He was sent later off to America to Liberty City where he is now currently staying.
- He works with the Russian Mafia Boss Yuri.
- Over all of this time, he has been taught/indoctrinated into believing that the mission is important, more so than saving a friend, or sparing someone's life.
Current Time:
- Went to an expo to check out the neat stuff there with two Mafia mobsters that were superhuman like him. He got involved with the incident of the family breaking in. Helping the effort of killing off the Family Mooks.
- He was given money by Yuri to deposit into the bank. He was told that the family had to go down and that there was some money on the bigwigs of the Family. He arrives at the bank, deposited his money, and was confronted with the Shuffler. He fought the Shuffler along with the other heroes which he found out the nicknames of. Though he also found out what that guy calls everyone including himself, Deadeye, Arms, Doc, and Longsword.
- After that, he went off to research stuff on the family some more. He was later contacted to go to the Scions of Crystalis place and decided to go there to see what was going on.
- Got into some weird stuff, some girl there wasn't who she appeared to be, and found out that it was some weird thing (heard about it), and then met with the head of this order/cult/new age religion. They contacted him through his business card which had his moniker on it, Janus (a consulting thing to help out people). He got read his future along with the other three there. They were named Vera, Adam, and Feng. His name was given out.
- Went to the Metahuman Fight Club with Yuri and the others. Got Feng and Adam in. Family showed up. He got into a contest with the Huntsman. Boris escaped before the Police could identify him or chase after. He grew suspicious of why the police shown up. His main suspicion was on the three that he told. But he was merely checking first with who tattled within those that he knew about.
- The next day, he was given money of which was the prize money, to be given to Feng and Adam. He met with them and Vera. A standoff occurred due to Vera's non-answers and Boris being aggressive. He dropped it after figuring it was not worth it, with all these crazy dangerous folk around. And...he didn't want to cause a ruckus within the Russian Restaurant.
- Helped break out two people under Police watch in the Intensive care unit at the hospital. Used this to get into the race. Was recognized as being the racer.
- Entered the race, raced along, fought off the murder machine, and then the Irish mob (to protect Feng).
- Went off after Vera to see that she was alright thanks to Adam. Killed them off but was thwarted due to Vera and Adam. He despised them for that. More so with Vera... Why did she have to stop him from doing his job? He had his leg destroyed and then restored.
- Ended up at the warehouse, fought against Crash & Burn (supervillains) with the others after they took care of the mooks, was thwarted once again, and had both of his arms destroyed entirely. He would have cut them off again if they were regenerated.
- He finds out that one of his family had died due to his incompetence. He is going out to fix his armless situation by getting new cyborg arms. And he contemplates what has gone so far wrong with his life.
Speaks: Finnish, English, Russian

HBody: If/then (arms only): - 3 points

Russian Mafia: Strictly Business/Wants to take down and become the boss.
Adam: He is rather neutral about him, though he does get irritated by Adam's morals.
Vera: He hates her and is suspicious of her.
Feng: Completely neutral to him.....

Goals: Save the remaining members of his family by becoming the boss.

Ideas for powers gotten from super equipment:

Portal Attachment
Qualities: U+2?
Useful Capacity: Range and Mass
Useful Extras and Flaws: High Capacity (Range) +2, No Physics +2, Power Capacity (Mass) +2, Focus -1, Full Power Only -1, Slow -2, Booby-Trapped +1, Accessible -1, Durable +1, Manufacturable

Note: WIP

Super Equipment (ex stuff):
Chameleon Cloak 6d
Qualities: D U
Defends extras and flaws: Endless +3, Focus -1, Immutable -1 Capacities: Self.
Useful extras and flaws: Endless +3, Focus -1, Self Only –3, Immutable -1, Capacities: Self.
Cost Per Die: 3

Mechanically, the way this works is as long as you're wearing the cloak and have it activated, anyone trying to see you or hit you needs to roll vs your Invisibility dice pool. It's endless so it lasts until you choose to turn it off.

Needle Gun - 6d + 2hd
Qualities: A+1
Attacks extras and flaws: Penetration +2, Engulf +1, Focus -1, Depleted -1, Accessible -1 capacities: Range
Cost Per Die: 3

Big Thunder - 4d
Attacks extras and flaws: Booster (Range) +1, Penetration +4, Speeding Bullet +2, Full-Power Only -1, Obvious -1, Focus -1, Slow -2, Accessible -1, Immutable -1, Manufacturable +2, Operational Skill +0, Unwieldy -2, capacities: Range
Cost Per Die: 5

Malenkie Molnii - Little Lightning - 1d
Hit Value: 6
Properties: Accessible, Manufacturable, Operational Skill
Wound Boxes: 1 per die
Qualities: A
A Capacities - Automatic Fire: Range
A Extras and Flaws: Penetration(1), Speeding Bullet, Spray(4d), Subtle, Focus, Immutable
Cost Per Die: 8

Wish list:
- Increases in stats/skills (skills to get: Ranged Weapon: (Shotgun), Survival (later on), Knowledge (something)?, Research, Dodge, ;skills to increase: Empathy (second), Scrutiny (second), Lie (third), Interrogation (third), Intimidation (second), Stability (first), Drive (Car) (first), security systems (second), brawling (last), and athletics (last) ; and stats to get: Mind (third), body (second), Command (first), and Charm (last)
- Some sort of portal attachment gadget
- Radiation gun thingy....
- Other super equipment....
- Yeah...
- Increasing base will and willpower points.


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Big Thunder
Attacks extras and flaws: Booster (Range) +1, Penetration +4, Speeding Bullet +2, Full-Power Only -1, Obvious -1, Focus -1, Slow -2, Accessible -1, Immutable -1, Manufacturable +2, Operational Skill +0, Unwieldy -2, capacities: Range
Cost Per Die: 5

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