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AdEva (will edit as I get the time to do so....)
[Work in progress]

Player Name: Marth
Character Name:
Nationality: German
Career: Berserker (Pilot)
Rank: Brawler
Gender: Male
Age: 14
DOB: ---
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120
Build: Quite Athletic...
Skin: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Spoken Languages: English and German
Appearance: He dresses up in the plainest of clothes possible for any given situation, not really caring for color, or anything else.

Intelligence 38 (+25), Perception: 25 (+15), Tough 43 (+20) (simple), Agility 38 (+20), Ballistic Skill 38 (+20)
Willpower 34 (+23), Fellowship 26 (+20), Synch Ratio 39 (+23), Strength 42 (+20), Weapon Skill 36 (+20) (simple)

SB: 4
TB: 4
AB: 3

Wounds: 16/16
Fate Points: 2/2

Positive Traits: Feedback Buffer and Superior Specimen
Negative Traits: Inhuman Biology and Mental Conditioning

Skills: Skills: Logic (trained), Decisive (trained), Speak Language (English) (Int), Literacy (Int), Speak Language (German)
Talents: AT Power (Deflective Field), A.T. Power (Neutralize), Skill Proficiency (Twice (Dodge, and Acrobatics)), Biological Upgrade, Weapon Upgrade, Awareness, Bloodlust
Starting Gear: Standard Plugsuit, Standard Entry Plug, Nerv ID

Ego Barrier: 35/35
Total XP: 400
Spent XP: 400

Armor: ----
Weapons ----
Insanity Points: 0
Melee Weapon: ----
Ranged Weapon: ----

Eva Stuff:
Name: Unit 000
Primary Color: Bright Red
Secondary Color: Bright Green
WS: 36
BS: 38
S: 30
T: 30
Ag: 38

Wounds: Head (5), R. Arm and L. Arm (both 7), R. Leg and L. Leg (both 7), and Body (11)
Armor: 4 (head, R. and L. Arms and Legs, 7 for body)
AB: 3
SB: 3
TB: 3

Distinguishing Features:
History Features: Destined to Meet and Redacted
Construction: Lightweight Chassis
Mutation: Cyclopean and Regenerative
Soul: Bonded

Bio Upgrade: Natural Weapons (Claws)
Start Weapon: Prog Knife, Spear
Weapon Upgrade: (Spear)


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